Chef's Selection

Ein 5-Gang-Menü, von unserem Küchenchef Hayk Seirig für Sie zusammengestellt.

Zur Wahl als Menü mit Fleisch und Fisch oder vegetarisches Menü.

Stoffklasse à la carte


  • Mushroom essence with homemad pelmini


  • Lamb's lettuce with raw marina†ed chioggia beetroot, roasted almonds, pomegranate and potato dressing

  • Steak tartare of Argentinian beef tenderloin with cured organic yolk

First courses

  • Fried duck's liver with a potato fritter and grilled apple

  • Hamachi wit cucumber kimchi


  • Fresh gnocchi with pulled duck, roasted nuts, curly kale and lingonberry

  • Morel risotto with a salad of grilled pear and celeriac

  • Argentinian beef tenderloin( 150g) with truffled potato mousseline, glazed beetroot, fried bruxelles sprouts and demi-glace

  • Fresh tagliatelle with prawns, zucchini, cherry tomatoes confit, parmesan cream and mint

  • Swordfish steak with corn, avocado, cocoa and a puree of lima beans and kalamansi


  • German tree cake, baked apple, vanilla, cinnamon, finger lime

  • Spiced cherry, poppy seeds, baked white chocolate

  • Crème brûlée